Baker Creek State Park

(Not Maintained by SORBAcsra)

Type: Loop

Distance:  9 Miles

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Directions: Visit our Google Map and get turn-by-turn directions from your front door by clicking here

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When entering the park, follow the main road for about a mile or so and take the next left. Follow this road to the end at the Pavilion. The trailhead is at the top of the hill across the road from the parking lot.

Baker Creek is located in McCormick, SC. It is a loop trail made up of three sections. All three sections combine for a total of nine miles of singletrack. Start at the mailbox, go left UP the doubletrack instead of dropping into the singletrack, and ride the far side of the road first. The trail is faster and flows better in this direction, and is fully signed both ways. Of course folks should feel free to ride it either way, but its more fun in a clockwise direction.

Creek crossing