Updated 1/16/21

The Donate button below is for donating money to the SORBAcsra Chapter. Thank You for your donation!!!

FATS Status:  Please wait 24 hours after a rain before riding to protect the trail and your bike.



SORBAcsra holds group rides and events throughout the year.  Visit the SORBA-CSRA Facebook page for the most up to date information on rides and events.  

Visiting our area from out of town? Check out the Visitors page for information on camping, hotels, local bike shops, and local events.

Welcome to SORBAcsra!

SORBAcsra is the Central Savannah River Area chapter of Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association. SORBAcsra is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to promote trail preservation and development, riding, fun and fellowship for all mountain bicyclists in the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina and Georgia.

The SORBA-CSRA Facebook page is kept up to date for  keeping members (and non-members) informed of current issues, rides, work parties and other local events.



You too can help maintain the local trails by coming to a workparty (look at SORBA-CSRA Facebook page), joining SORBA-CSRA or donating money

(see above Donate button) to purchase tools & trail maintenance supplies.



Wet Trail Policy

During the winter, the trail does not absorb as much water as during other times of the year. Riding a wet trail will cause damage to the trail surface. No, one bike will not cause the damage, but many bikes will. Riding a wet trail will also cause damage to your bike (chain, gears and shifting). Please respect the trail and your bike and wait as least 24 hours after a rain to ride a trail. If you do encounter a wet spot on the trail, Do Not ride around, ride in the water. By riding around the water, you cause "trail creep". Trail creep will result in total trail closure. In other words, Stay On The Trail.